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Why You Need Strong Personal Brand?

  • Better Job & career prospects.
  • More clients. More orders.
  • Better Industry Recognition.
  • Better Market Credibility.
  • Positive Search Results on the first page when your name is searched on Google by your prospective clients, employers or business partners
why personal branding is important


why personal branding is important is a hosted & managed suite of services to help professionals build a strong Personal Brand online. The core of is your hosted & CMS powered Branded Personal Website with your own domain name ( or Then, this Branded Personal Website is integrated with different modules & tools like Online Portfolio Builder, Online Resume Builder, Online Timeline Builder, Social Promotion & Branding Tools, Opt-in Lead Generation Tool etc.

The suite is completely modular in structure — this makes it fully scalable. It grows with your career. You can keep on adding modules according to your requirements. Presently, we have a wide range of tools & modules to select from. Moreover, we’ll keep on building new modules according to the community demand. We strive to become a truly Customer & Community driven Startup.

The suite is also integrated with these popular services:,, Flickr, Pixabay, MailChimp & Aweber.


  • All-in-One Suite of Tools : No need to subscribe to different services. Build and maintain your Personal Brand from a single place. Included Tools & Modules »
  • Auto Cross Posting : No need to update each of Social Accounts individually. Posts, services, projects or whatever you want, can be automatically posted to your Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter accounts
  • Extensible : eBrandify.Me is modularly structured. You can add different features & capabilities by adding available Add-ons.
  • Fully Managed : It’s a fully managed & hosted solution. You don’t need to worry about security, updates etc.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Pre-integrated with popular apps & services:

  • : One of the most popular Social Media Management Tool.
  • : Most popular FREE online designing tool. You access from within the Control Panel
  • & : You access both within the Control Panel, search images, insert in your content.
  • & other Opt-in Services : All the popular Opt-in List Builders like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, MadMinim, iContact, InfusioSoft, Feedblitz, Campaign Monitor, are pre-integrated Modules & Features

Branding Modules & Tools

  • Dynamic Portfolio Builder
  • Resume Builder
  • Personal Timeline Builder
  • Testimonial Module
  • Service Module
  • Page Builder
  • Dynamic Landing Page
  • Blogging Module
  • Contact Form
  • Unlimited Inner Pages
Personal Branding Tools

Social Branding & Promotion Tools

Personal Branding Tools
  • Pre-integrated for Auto cross posting to your Social Profiles(Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Social Sharing Tools with Real Time Sharing Stats
  • Powerful SEO Tools with SEO suggestion, Detailed Reports & Analysis
  • Site Traffic Tools & Reports
  • Lead Generation & List Building Tool(MailChimp, Aweber etc. Pre-integrated)
  • Social Login for Site Visitors. They can comment on your posts or register at your site using their Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter credentials.(You can allow your prospects/visitors to register at you site)

CMS Powered Hosted & Branded Website

  • Personal Website with Content Management System (CMS)
  • Personal Domain Name ( or
  • Personalized eMails ( or
  • Personal Logo
  • Managed Web Hosting

Frontend Design

  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Page Builder
  • Flickr & Pixabay Search(built-in)
  • Pre-integrated
Personal Branding Tools

Sneak Peek at Back-end

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Plans & Pricing

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